Bomba: the best rice for Paella

Paella is a perfect dish to create for entertaining and celebrations. The visual drama of the Paella pan abundant with rice, meats, seafoods and vegetables; the crunchy crust that forms on the base of the pan to add to the layered textures and the fresh seasonal flavours.  We love Paella!

The origins of Paella came out of necessity and practicality, cooking rice with rabbit, chicken and vegetables that were readily available …

Change the date to join Mr Carsisi

 Our dinner with chef Matt Fegan of Mr Carsisi has     had a date  change. 
Kyneton is now coming to Prahran on Monday September 12 when Matt will cook and serve a five-course dinner upstairs in our cooking school and talk you through the layered cuisine of the Ottoman Empire.

Join Matt for the degustation menu that draws on …

The Essential Ingredient Canberra’s specialty cheese selection

Among the shelves and displays of professional cooking equipment, fantastic local and international ingredients and the finest selection of specialty culinary books, The Essential Ingredient Canberra store holds something truly special.

A huge range of specialty cheeses, sourced from Australia and abroad, are available from The Essential Ingredient Canberra, perfect for an impressive party spread, a …