Essential Tips for baking a tart

Our tips to making the perfect shortcrust pastry tart shell, an ideal blank canvas for your culinary creations.

Francois Doucet confectionary

Surrounded by the beauty of the Provincial countryside, a family of fruit growers and artisan confectionary makers in the south of France combine their talents to produce a spectacular range of confectionary treats.

For the chocolate range, local fruits and nuts are enrobed in gianduja (a rich combination of chocolate and hazelnut paste) and praline, then finished in gorgeously coloured chocolate candy.

Beautifully packaged, …

How does sugar work?

Sugar is an essential ingredient in many baked goods, but not only for its sweet taste. It has many additional unique and useful properties which make it an absolute necessity for all kinds of recipes, from croissants to sourdough bread.

So what purposes can sugar serve in baking, and how does it work?


Sugar of any kind will contribute to browning in …

Le Petit Saunier salted caramels

There’s something about biting into a delicate caramel that goes beyond taste. Somehow, these sweet treats evoke childhood memories of long drives with the family and visits to distant relatives, and each bite brings a spark of joy.

In France, one name is synonymous with quality salted caramels; ‘La Maison D’Armorine’.

Founded in 1946, The House of Armorine …

Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria- the sweet figs of Calabria

To anyone fortunate enough to have tasted a fig grown on the small hills of Calabria, Italy, the taste of the deliciously sweet and juicy fruit will always bring back a flood of memories.

No wonder then that Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria, the name of the company specializing in creating sweet delights using these figs, translates to ‘sweet thoughts of Calabria’.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to exclusively import a selection of …

As easy as pie

A pie, to a cook, is a blank canvas; a pastry shell waiting to be filled with a combination of ingredients drawn from a limitless list of possibilities.

Whether savoury or sweet, vegetable or meat, fruit or chocolate, pies provide a pastry casing for your favourite flavours, combining and enhancing them in an elegant, simple-to-serve, delicious vessel.

From the peacock pie served …

Vicens d’Agramunt: master nougat makers

Nougat is a confectionery as rich in tradition as it is in flavour.

The town of Agramunt, located in central Catalonia, has been famed for its production of nougat- or ‘torren’, as it is known in the area- for hundreds of years.

Letters passed between noble families in the region as early as 1741 refer to the recipes and traditions of creating …