How does sugar work?

Sugar is an essential ingredient in many baked goods, but not only for its sweet taste. It has many additional unique and useful properties which make it an absolute necessity for all kinds of recipes, from croissants to sourdough bread.

So what purposes can sugar serve in baking, and how does it work?


Sugar of any kind will contribute to browning in …

Marble boards

Working with sugar, be it with pastry, in chocolate, as toffee or any of the hundred or so other sweet applications, is intricate, technical work.

Temperatures must be controlled precisely, timings need to be accurate and, of course, ingredients carefully measured.

To achieve the best possible results with your sugar work, it’s essential to use the right tools.

For people who enjoy making …

Understanding the types of sugar

Sugar! Without it there would be no chocolate, no cakes and no diversion from the afternoon meltdown. Sugar is a wondrous ingredient that can be used in countless ways. But sugar is not without its mysteries.

How do the different types of sugars and syrups work in cooking? Can one be substituted for another? What is the difference between molasses, treacle, …