RECIPE: Annette Fear’s red curry paste

When it comes to explosive flavour combinations, there are few cuisines more exhilarating than Thai. Red curry epitomises the versatility of Thai cuisine, as well as its ability to showcase the finest fresh ingredients.

Use this red curry paste with fresh seafood, organic poultry (duck is particularly ideal) or seasonable vegetables.

15 red chillies medium, dried
2 tsp coriander …

La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera: The authentic Spanish paprika

If meat is the body of your dish, then spices are the personality. Some give sweetness, a few are sour and others give your dish attitude. Paprika, the popular Spanish and Eastern European spice, brings mystery, warmth and that rich, unmistakable colour.

Pimentón, or paprika, was first produced in Spain where dried peppers were ground down, the differing combinations of fruit …

The Essential Ingredient Spices and Spice Mixes

It’s often said that variety is the spice of life, but the opposite is also true.

An understanding of spices and their many combinations and applications is the key to taking your culinary creation skills to another level.

Spices define many cuisines, be it the saffron of Spain, the cumin of the Middle East, the fennel seed of India, the cinnamon of …

The rich history- and flavours- of Cajun cuisine

Many of the world’s great cuisines tell the story of the history of the world.

Cajun cuisine, the taste of Louisiana USA and its neighbouring states, has gathered influences from around the world during its long, rich history.

Like Italian cuisine’s influences from Arabia and Indian cuisine’s British influences (among many others, in both cases), these new sets of ingredients, techniques and …

The Cuisine of Syria

Australia’s understanding of Middle Eastern food has been growing over the last few decades as local populations of Iranian, Afghani, Turkish, Sudanese and Egyptian expats, among all the other countries of the region, have grown.

So too has our desire for new tastes and techniques, particularly those involving as much rich history, and as many rich flavours, as those of the …

Malouf’s Spice Mezza

In our international culinary landscape, it is surprising that Middle Eastern food hasn’t become more of a sensation. After all, it’s richly flavourful, simple to cook and wonderful to share; all qualities Australians love in their food.

Fortunately, one man has been on a mission to bring Middle Eastern food into our kitchens and dining rooms, and after just one taste, …