Bomba: the best rice for Paella

Paella is a perfect dish to create for entertaining and celebrations. The visual drama of the Paella pan abundant with rice, meats, seafoods and vegetables; the crunchy crust that forms on the base of the pan to add to the layered textures and the fresh seasonal flavours.  We love Paella!

The origins of Paella came out of necessity and practicality, cooking rice with rabbit, chicken and vegetables that were readily available …

Recipe: Karen Martini’s Paella with Chicken, Chorizo and Calamari

This recipe has been created exclusively for The Essential Ingredient by Karen Martini.

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“This delicious full-flavoured paella uses classic Spanish ingredients …

Pordamsa fine porcelain tableware

The stunning Pordamsa porcelain range is now available in Australia, exclusively from The Essential Ingredient.

When it comes to tableware, sometimes it’s love at first sight.

Pordamsa porcelain makes an instant impression. Based in Spain, with over 35 years experience, Pordamsa creates pieces that are as unique and memorable as they are functional.

Though many of the designs are …

Your new favourite: Chocolate-coated Brandy Truffle Stuffed Figs

The Essential Ingredient scours the globe to find the best food and cooking products, importing them exclusively into Australia.

These Rabitos Royale Chocolate-coated Brandy Truffle Stuffed Figs could be among our all-time favourites.

The small village of Almoharin, tucked into the Extremadura region of Spain, is famous for its figs. The unique climate enables the cultivation of the Parito variety of figs, …

Squid ink

For lovers of seafood, squid ink is a magical ingredient.

Its flavour is reminiscent of the sea, though not overly ‘fishy’, so it accentuates the taste of your chosen seafood without overpowering it.

Clams, mussels, firm fish, octopus, crab and, of course, squid are all wonderful partners with squid ink, particularly in rice or pasta-based dishes.

While many prize the flavour, squid ink’s most …

The food of Spain

Paella, jamon, tapas and sangria.

Iconic and delicious as these are, they represent only a fragment of Spanish cuisine, a richly traditional, diverse and colourful cuisine that seems to be growing endlessly in popularity around the world.

Much of Spain’s produce and many of its recipes are intrinsically tied to the country’s geographical location on the Mediterranean Sea.  Seafood plays a large …

Romesco and Xató Sauces

The traditional cuisine of Northern Spain emphasis the rich flavours of the freshest locally-sourced ingredients.

This is epitomized in the two traditional Catalonian sauces now available from The Essential Ingredient produced by Can Bech; Romesco and Xató.

Both are produced using traditional recipes and the highest quality ingredients, and join the range of Can Bech spreads and jellies already stocked by The …