Essential Tips for baking a tart

Our tips to making the perfect shortcrust pastry tart shell, an ideal blank canvas for your culinary creations.

Cocoa Nibs

Cocoa nibs are available in Australia from your nearest The Essential Ingredient store and online. 

Chocolate is a flavour and ingredient loved and admired the world around.

Used in both sweet and savoury applications, home cooks and professional chefs alike are on an ongoing mission to find new ways of incorporating the beloved ingredient into recipes and dishes.

The production of …

As easy as pie

A pie, to a cook, is a blank canvas; a pastry shell waiting to be filled with a combination of ingredients drawn from a limitless list of possibilities.

Whether savoury or sweet, vegetable or meat, fruit or chocolate, pies provide a pastry casing for your favourite flavours, combining and enhancing them in an elegant, simple-to-serve, delicious vessel.

From the peacock pie served …