Deglazing: the secret to a perfect sauce

Few things go as well with meat than a pan sauce, and there’s no simpler (or tastier) way of creating one than by deglazing.

Authentic pan sauces capture the flavour of the meat it will be served alongside, including any marinades, herbs, crusts or stuffings, and even the flavour of any vegetables cooked alongside.

Once your meat leaves the pan, whether …

Romesco and Xató Sauces

The traditional cuisine of Northern Spain emphasis the rich flavours of the freshest locally-sourced ingredients.

This is epitomized in the two traditional Catalonian sauces now available from The Essential Ingredient produced by Can Bech; Romesco and Xató.

Both are produced using traditional recipes and the highest quality ingredients, and join the range of Can Bech spreads and jellies already stocked by The …

The Essential Guide to Cornichons

Cornichons are, at their simplest, French gherkins. However there is more to these tiny pickled cucumbers than their size would suggest.

Far smaller in size than the dill pickles favoured by Eastern Europeans, and less sweet than the gherkins used in the USA (most often associated with hamburgers), cornichons reflect the delicate flavours of the French cuisine and are used throughout …

Condiments to the chef

Ask any artist what the difference is between a beautiful piece of work and a masterpiece, and they’ll tell you it’s all in the details.

This is equally true at the dinner table.

Condiments are to your meal what accessories are to your clothes; they’re usually not essential, but seldom are they unwelcome.

In the simplest terms, condiments are any sauce, seasoning or …