Baldjis whole green Greek figs

Few foods evoke as much culture and history as figs.

Prominent in the bible, eponymous throughout the Greek empire and still a fixture across the landscape of contemporary Greece, the fig manages at once to represent the lushness of the Mediterranean throughout the ages and the modern charm of Greek cuisine.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to stock Baldjis …

Recipe: Goat’s cheese crostini & fig salad with pomegranate dressing

When Jeff Turnbull of High Street Bistro joined The Essential Ingredient Rozelle last October for our Paddock to Plate Market Tour and Cooking Class, it became one of the most talked about events of the year.

This recipe for goat’s cheese crostini and fig salad with pomegranate dressing was a highlight of Jeff’s previous class.


Goat’s cheese crostini and …

Staying fresh in Summer

Summer is the most iconic of Australia’s seasons. Barbeques, picnics, beach outings, cricket; many of the most beloved aspects of Australian life are reserved for the warm Summer months.

Our plates and palates also come alive in Summer, with the season arguably supplying the most colourful and delicious selection of fresh produce of the year.

Cherries are celebrated and ubiquitous, while berries …

RECIPE: Heirloom Panzanella Salad

Recipe by Brad Sloane of the Riverview Hotel, Balmain.

The Essential Ingredient Cooking Store Rozelle’s monthly Paddock to Plate Market Tour and Cooking Class gives attendees a unique look at the Pyrmont Growers Market, with a guided culinary tour, meeting local farmers and producers. It’s an opportunity to take part in private tastings of fresh produce and to talk to the growers, before returning to The Essential Kitchen for a hands-on …