Winter Blues

This is how we embrace the winter blues with our selection of the deliciously stylish and beautifully practical.

We constantly update our book titles and there is a rich selection of books to satisfy the cook in you this winter. Spice Journey by Shane Delia, The Nordic Cook by Magnuss Nilsson and all of Nigel Slater’s books will provide insight into great …

Choosing the right roasting tray

It seems simple enough: you need a pan big enough to fit your leg of lamb or whole turkey. But choosing the right roasting pan for your next Sunday roast can prove slightly more complicated than just finding one with adequate dimensions.

These tips should make choosing the perfect roasting pan easy:

What’s it made from? The material from which your pan is made can …

Recipe: Twice-cooked duck with verjuice-baked chestnuts on farro

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Serves 4

Difficulty: A bit challenging

Prep. time approx. 20 minutes

Total time approx. 2 hours & 30 minutes, plus one …

Deglazing: the secret to a perfect sauce

Few things go as well with meat than a pan sauce, and there’s no simpler (or tastier) way of creating one than by deglazing.

Authentic pan sauces capture the flavour of the meat it will be served alongside, including any marinades, herbs, crusts or stuffings, and even the flavour of any vegetables cooked alongside.

Once your meat leaves the pan, whether …