Christmas Puddings

For the first time, this Christmas we are proud to introduce The Essential Ingredient Christmas Pudding, available now in-store and online.

This delicious Australian-made pudding, baked in an attractively-wrapped ceramic bowl, includes all the traditional ingredients: sultanas, raisins and currants, fresh eggs, brandy and sherry.

The Essential Ingredient Christmas Pudding is rich and moist, and holds its form without crumbling …

Herbes de Provence

Buy Aux Anysetiers Du Roy Herbs of Provence at your nearest The Essential Ingredient store or online now.

The food of Provence is a reflection of the place itself, its rich history, rolling topography and humble inhabitants reflected in the flavours, ingredients and techniques of the cuisine.

With its position at the north of the Mediterranean and its origins as …

Baldjis whole green Greek figs

Few foods evoke as much culture and history as figs.

Prominent in the bible, eponymous throughout the Greek empire and still a fixture across the landscape of contemporary Greece, the fig manages at once to represent the lushness of the Mediterranean throughout the ages and the modern charm of Greek cuisine.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to stock Baldjis …

The Essential Guide to Salt

The Essential Ingredient stocks a wide variety of salt products, sourced from Australia and quality international producers. To explore the range visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store or shop online for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Salt is one of nature’s finest preservatives and is one of the basic tastes detected by our tongues. Salt has …

Exclusive The Essential Ingredient KitchenAid Offer

The Essential Ingredient is offering an exciting exclusive bonus with every purchase of a KitchenAid mixer for November and December.

Simply purchase a KitchenAid KSM150 Artisan food mixer unit and receive a KitchenAid food grinder attachment valued at $120 FREE!

This offer is exclusive to The Essential Ingredient and only available until 31 December 2013.

Visit your nearest The Essential …

Egg White Powder

The Essential Ingredient’s Egg White Powder is the pastry chef’s secret weapon.

A free-flowing powder made from the glucose-reduced and spray-dried egg whites of quality farm-fresh eggs, egg white powder has many advantages over fresh.

Egg white powder is commonly used in baking, found in recipes for pavlova, meringue, soufflé, curd, marzipan, icings, ice creams and sorbets.

Save on waste when a recipe …

RECIPE: Sake-glazed Salmon

To the Japanese, sake is not only a traditional drink (the earliest known references to it stretching back to the 3rd century), but a national icon. Its production is governed by strict regulations and its consumption by a wide range of traditions.

While sake is a perfect accompaniment to any Japanese meal, it can also be used …