How to section a chicken (video)

Chicken is one of the world’s most popular ingredients, prominent in many cuisines and appearing in some of the world’s most classic and beloved dishes.

One of the keys to chicken’s appeal is it’s versatility. It can be roasted, fried, poached, steamed, deep fried, barbequed or grilled, and is as popular whole as it is in pieces.

In order to create classic dishes such as coq au vin, cacciatore, chicken curries, Korean …

RECIPE: Yosuke Furukawa & Dallas Cuddy’s Char grilled quails with Szechuan pepper

Dallas Cuddy’s menu at Verge reflects his love of Japanese food, as does that of chef Yosuke Furukawa from Izakaya Den. Like all Izakaya dishes, this exquisite sashimi is best enjoyed with a drink or as a simple starter for an elaborate dinner.
Yosuke and Dallas’ ‘Izakaya Offerings’ class at The Essential Ingredient …