Portuguese Cataplanas now available in Australia

A cataplana, like a tagine, refers to both a piece of cookware and the dish that it produces.

Used ostensibly in Portuguese cuisine and ideal for enhancing the flavours of seafood, the cataplana consists of two metal clam-shells that clamp together creating a tight seal. This creates a cooking environment in which ingredients combine and cook without losing the natural liquids through evaporation.

Recipe: Matt McConnell’s Portuguese Mussel Cataplana

The name of this dish comes from the unique copper pan in which it is cooked.

Available on every street corner in Portugal, the pan features two copper bowls connected by a hinge and a clasp.

The cataplana is filled with ingredients, closed and heated over a stove. It is then opened at the table, releasing a cloud of steam and the incredible aromas of the finished dish.

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