Marino Felice Italian polenta

Thoughts of classic Italian peasant food evoke visions of pastas, slow-cooked meats and rich risottos. Yet it is polenta, with origins stretching beyond the days of the Roman Empire and a consistent presence in the cuisine of the Italians ever since, that most comprehensively represents the ideals of the cuisine.

In its current form, having evolved during the Middle Ages, true …

Porcini powder: your secret ingredient

The Essential Ingredient’s Porcini Powder, made from the highest quality dried porcini mushrooms imported from France, is the key to adding a sophisticated flavour and richness to many dishes.

Dried mushroom powder is a secret weapon in your spice arsenal. Add it anywhere you add spices or dried herbs; stews, marinades, sauces, soups, dressings and more.

Bring out the flavour of your …

Visiting Mulino Marino Felice in Italy

Peter Walmsley, part of the Essential Ingredient team, took the opportunity during a recent trip to Italy to visit the Mulino Marino Felice mill, makers of the world’s best polenta. His trip highlighted both the unique qualities of the region, and the traditional methods of manufacture used by Mulino Marino Felice.

Mulino Marino organic, stone-ground yellow and white polentas are available in stores and in our …