Essential Tips for baking a tart

Our tips to making the perfect shortcrust pastry tart shell, an ideal blank canvas for your culinary creations.

Egg White Powder

The Essential Ingredient’s Egg White Powder is the pastry chef’s secret weapon.

A free-flowing powder made from the glucose-reduced and spray-dried egg whites of quality farm-fresh eggs, egg white powder has many advantages over fresh.

Egg white powder is commonly used in baking, found in recipes for pavlova, meringue, soufflé, curd, marzipan, icings, ice creams and sorbets.

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Marble boards

Working with sugar, be it with pastry, in chocolate, as toffee or any of the hundred or so other sweet applications, is intricate, technical work.

Temperatures must be controlled precisely, timings need to be accurate and, of course, ingredients carefully measured.

To achieve the best possible results with your sugar work, it’s essential to use the right tools.

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The Macaron Obsession

Remember the cupcake invasion of a few years ago? It seemed no café or bakery was legally entitled to operate without stocking highly decorated cupcakes in dazzling flavour combinations. Weekends in home kitchens were spent making batches of cupcakes, and it was almost impossible to have a wedding, birthday, baby shower or gathering of friends without a selection of toweringly …