Tonka beans

Tonka beans are, in all likelihood, the most versatile ingredient you’ve never tried.

Harvested from a flowering tree native to South America and dried, the tonka bean is favoured for its unique flavour and scent.

The fragrance of the tonka bean, once also used in the manufacture of perfume, is reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon and cloves, with hints of caramel and even …

Escargot; a French icon

Few ingredients are as iconically ‘French’ as escargot. Simply the French translation of ‘snails’, escargot has been considered a culinary luxury in Western Europe since the days of the Roman Empire.

Traditionally, French snails are served with herbed garlic butter and eaten from decorative shells, though there are many other delicious iterations. Perhaps the most famous contemporary dish featuring snails …

Pordamsa fine porcelain tableware

The stunning Pordamsa porcelain range is now available in Australia, exclusively from The Essential Ingredient.

When it comes to tableware, sometimes it’s love at first sight.

Pordamsa porcelain makes an instant impression. Based in Spain, with over 35 years experience, Pordamsa creates pieces that are as unique and memorable as they are functional.

Though many of the designs are …

Buy Bamix stick mixers in Australia

Bamix is a name that has long been synonymous with quality.

While many other hand blenders have appeared (and disappeared) from the market, the Bamix has been a kitchen fixture for generations.

Created in Switzerland in 1954- the first of its kind- it was named ‘Bamix’ as an abbreviation of ‘battre et mixer’, French for ‘beat and mix’.

By …

The Essential Ingredient Grains

Few foods are as nutritionally comprehensive as those we commonly refer to as ‘grains’. Though ancient in culinary application, the true benefits of these incredible ingredients are only now being recognised.

The Essential Ingredient stocks a wide variety of these versatile, increasingly popular ‘ancient grains’, all carefully selected for their quality.

Australian Organic Quinoa

White quinoa with maple and blueberries

Certified …

The Essential Ingredient celebrates Orange FOOD Week

Orange, a few hours West of Sydney, is one of Australia’s most exciting food destinations. A hub of quality food and wine production, it’s a natural home for one of our stores.

Once a year, the already-buzzing culinary heart of central New South Wales explodes during the thrilling ‘FOOD’ (Food of Orange District) Week festival.

The entire region comes together, along …

Magimix food processors

While there may be many food processors on the market, all designed to make chopping, slicing, mincing, blending, grinding and juicing easier and quicker, it is the original pioneer of the device that still stands as the epitome of quality and reliability.

The Magimix was designed over 35 years ago by Pierre Verdan in Burgundy, France (under the name ‘Robot-Coupe’), who watched …