Understanding oils

Oil is a cook’s best friend. It carries flavour, adds moisture, stops food from sticking, gives colour and texture when cooked and much more.

Whether you’re shallow frying, deep frying, baking, marinating, barbequing, saucing or dressing a salad, oil is almost certain to appear in the recipe.

Every oil is unique, not just in flavour and nutritional value, but cooking properties. …

The Essential Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is counted among the most essential of ingredients; it is the lifeblood of many cuisines, versatile, and a fine example of quality making all the difference.

At The Essential Ingredient, we understand the importance of olive oil, and we are proud to unveil The Essential Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Essential Ingredient Extra Virgin Olive Oil is …

Australian products at The Essential Ingredient

At The Essential Ingredient, we know how lucky we are to live in Australia. While, as Australians, we may not boast a clearly defined national cuisine, we are endlessly fortunate to have such broad access to the dishes, techniques and ingredients of so many varied cultures.

We are certainly proud to stock some of the finest ingredients and …

New Australian Standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While it has long been a popular ingredient in many Australian kitchens, the awareness of quality extra virgin olive oil and its many uses has boomed in the past decade.

Home kitchens and restaurants alike use the oil to dress salads, dunk bread, grill fish, toss through warm pasta and much, much more.

As a testament to this increased popularity, the availability …

Mushroom Oil: Creating your own secret ingredient

The Essential Ingredient’s range of dried mushrooms are perfect for many dishes; sauces, risottos, stuffing, pickles, omelettes, stews, or anywhere fresh mushrooms are used.

They’re also perfect for creating your own secret ingredient: Mushroom oil.

Simply choose your favourite dried mushroom variety- the Essential Ingredient’s core range includes porcini, morel, shiitake, chanterelles and …