Baldjis whole green Greek figs

Few foods evoke as much culture and history as figs.

Prominent in the bible, eponymous throughout the Greek empire and still a fixture across the landscape of contemporary Greece, the fig manages at once to represent the lushness of the Mediterranean throughout the ages and the modern charm of Greek cuisine.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to stock Baldjis …

Understanding oils

Oil is a cook’s best friend. It carries flavour, adds moisture, stops food from sticking, gives colour and texture when cooked and much more.

Whether you’re shallow frying, deep frying, baking, marinating, barbequing, saucing or dressing a salad, oil is almost certain to appear in the recipe.

Every oil is unique, not just in flavour and nutritional value, but cooking properties. …

The Essential Guide to Olives

Olives have been a part of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years.  When choosing olives, much will depend on their end uses; whether they are to be enjoyed with a glass of wine before a meal, included in a salad, or added to a slow braised dish.

An evergreen tree with a silvery-green foliage, the olive is slow to mature, …