Giacobazzi Vinegars

There’s vinegars and then there’s vinegars. Like many products that are made at differing levels – from commercial to artisan – a good, balanced full-flavoured carefully made vinegar has the ability to take a dish from good to great; a dressing from fine to fancy and a sauce from tasty to wonderfully complex.

Fattorie Giacobazzi from Modena, Italy is a fifth-generation vinegar producer who make some of our favourite vinegars that …

Mustard Fruits

One of the joys and challenges of cooking is inventing and perfecting flavour combinations.

While the key to adding salty, spicy, bitter, sour, acidic, fruity and sweet elements is in finding the perfect balance, these flavours can come from many different ingredients.

Mustard fruits are a wonderful addition to your pantry, providing a sweetness along with a uniquely spicy …

Truffle salt

The Essential Ingredient’s truffle salt is the queen of seasonings.

High quality sea salt is combined with ground Italian black truffle, infusing the rich, earthy truffle flavour through every grain.

A subtler flavour-carrier than truffle oil, your jar of truffle salt will never be far once you start experimenting with its intoxicating flavour.

Try it sprinkled across a thick steak, or use …

Squid ink

For lovers of seafood, squid ink is a magical ingredient.

Its flavour is reminiscent of the sea, though not overly ‘fishy’, so it accentuates the taste of your chosen seafood without overpowering it.

Clams, mussels, firm fish, octopus, crab and, of course, squid are all wonderful partners with squid ink, particularly in rice or pasta-based dishes.

While many prize the flavour, squid ink’s most …

Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria- the sweet figs of Calabria

To anyone fortunate enough to have tasted a fig grown on the small hills of Calabria, Italy, the taste of the deliciously sweet and juicy fruit will always bring back a flood of memories.

No wonder then that Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria, the name of the company specializing in creating sweet delights using these figs, translates to ‘sweet thoughts of Calabria’.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to exclusively import a selection of …

Vincotto- the traditional Italian condiment

Fresh fig, chèvre, crisp grilled prosciutto and The Essential Ingredient Vincotto

Literally translated to ‘cooked wine’, vincotto is a traditional Italian condiment that brings food to life with its unique sweet and sour flavour combination.

Vincotto is a versatile addition to a wide variety of dishes. It easily dresses salads, combining well with classic Italian tomato, basil, rocket and …

The Essential Guide to Italian Rice

Italian cuisine is synonymous with many ingredients and dishes: pasta, pizza, tomato, basil, olives and, of course, rice.

Italy is the largest rice producer in Europe, exporting around 60% of the rice it produces.

Rice plays an integral part in Italian cuisine (as well as in the broader Italian culture), with most regions proudly maintaining at least one traditional rice dish.  In …