The History of Crème Brûlée

To those immune to subtlety, it’s simply an egg custard with a hard, toffee crust, but to anybody who’s experienced this classic dessert at its best, the crème brûlée is a symphony of sweet, creamy perfection.

Recorded in its French form for the first time in 1691, crème brûlée has always been a simple combination of cream, egg yolk, sugar and …

The history of the whisk

Perfection of design never draws attention to itself. In the kitchen, as everywhere else, the simplest tools are often the most effective. Just think about how many uses your wooden spoon has.

The whisk, at its simplest, is merely a series of wire loops connected to a handle, and yet this tool serves many function and can be found in …

The history of risotto

There are few dishes as popular or as versatile as risotto.

At its simplest, risotto is a hearty, warming rice dish, rich with the flavours of the stock used in its making, as well as saffron, parmesan, butter and any of the hundreds of ingredients that match so perfectly with it.

Risotto is not only versatile, but easy to make, and as …

Something sweet: the evolution of Dessert

A memorable meal, whether in a restaurant or at home, just isn’t complete without a dessert.

Whether simple and homely or extravagant and richly creative, the best desserts are social, decadent and perfect for leaving you with a sweet palate after a big meal.

Of course, sweet treats are not a human invention, with fruits and honey tempting animals and humans alike, …