The Essential Guide to Funghi (Wild Mushrooms)

While fungi forages have become a popular autumn activity, many of the unique varieties of mushrooms critical to European cuisines are commercially unavailable in Australia.

Fortunately, French and Italian producers have perfected the art of drying mushrooms, allowing us to enjoy them year-round. Dried mushrooms are a wonderful way of adding both flavour and texture to many dishes.

The Essential Ingredient’s range …

Mushroom Oil: Creating your own secret ingredient

The Essential Ingredient’s range of dried mushrooms are perfect for many dishes; sauces, risottos, stuffing, pickles, omelettes, stews, or anywhere fresh mushrooms are used.

They’re also perfect for creating your own secret ingredient: Mushroom oil.

Simply choose your favourite dried mushroom variety- the Essential Ingredient’s core range includes porcini, morel, shiitake, chanterelles and …