Baldjis whole green Greek figs

Few foods evoke as much culture and history as figs.

Prominent in the bible, eponymous throughout the Greek empire and still a fixture across the landscape of contemporary Greece, the fig manages at once to represent the lushness of the Mediterranean throughout the ages and the modern charm of Greek cuisine.

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Your new favourite: Chocolate-coated Brandy Truffle Stuffed Figs

The Essential Ingredient scours the globe to find the best food and cooking products, importing them exclusively into Australia.

These Rabitos Royale Chocolate-coated Brandy Truffle Stuffed Figs could be among our all-time favourites.

The small village of Almoharin, tucked into the Extremadura region of Spain, is famous for its figs. The unique climate enables the cultivation of the Parito variety of figs, …

Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria- the sweet figs of Calabria

To anyone fortunate enough to have tasted a fig grown on the small hills of Calabria, Italy, the taste of the deliciously sweet and juicy fruit will always bring back a flood of memories.

No wonder then that Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria, the name of the company specializing in creating sweet delights using these figs, translates to ‘sweet thoughts of Calabria’.

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