How to make a chocolate ganache (video)

Knowing how to make a good ganache is an essential part of successfully preparing countless desserts, pastries and other sweet masterpieces.

How to create perfect pork crackling (video)

Roast pork is an Australian favourite, particularly when served with all the customary trimmings; roast vegetables, apple sauce, gravy and, of course, crackling. To most of us, a traditional Australian pork roast isn’t complete without perfectly formed, golden crackling, but getting a consistent result can often be a challenge.

Adrian Richardson, chef at La Luna and author of the book ‘Meat’, shows how to get perfect crackling results every time. This …

How to make Vietnamese Master Stock (video)

Australians love Vietnamese food, and few ingredients are as essential to Vietnamese cooking than the spiced, fragrant master stock.

In this exclusive web video, chef Mark Jensen of Red Lantern Restaurant demystifies the preparation of this stock, and explains how you can use it again and again to add a unique flavour burst to a wide variety of dishes.

Learn the secrets of this centuries-old recipes, and it might become one of …

How to bone a fish (video)

All chefs agree that buying a whole fish fresh from the market is the best way to ensure you’re getting the freshest ingredient available.

But how do you identify a high quality fish?And how do you remove the head, the scales and the bones to produce big, juicy fillets without losing any of the flesh?

Maurice Esposito demonstrates how to prepare this Essential Ingredient in our exclusive web video….

How to cook the perfect steak (video)

Whether on the barbeque or on a frying pan, cooking a quality steak to perfection takes skill.

How much should you season it? Does it require oil? How long does it need to rest after cooking?

In this exclusive video, Ben O’Donoghue, chef and author of Ben’s Barbeque and At Home With Ben, shares his tips and tricks for cooking the perfect steak.


Ben started his career working in a number …

How to Bone a Fish (video)

Cooking with fish is generally very simple, and the results are always delicious. Of course, the fresher the fish, the better the dish, and one of the keys to ensuring you’re cooking with the freshest fish available is learning how to clean, bone and/or fillet the fish yourself.
In this exclusive Essential Ingredient video, Maurice Esposito, one of Australia’s premiere seafood chefs and owner of Esposito in Melbourne, demonstrates …

How to make a pre-ferment (video)

As we strive to produce food at lower costs and with greater simplicity, a few classic kitchen techniques are beginning, sadly, to fall out of favour.

When baking bread, most contemporary recipes recommend the direct addition of yeast to the dough. As most artisan bakers will tell you however, this prevents much of the complexity of flavour yeast can bring from forming, and often leaves an overpowering ‘yeasty’ smell and taste.

By …