Choosing the right roasting tray

It seems simple enough: you need a pan big enough to fit your leg of lamb or whole turkey. But choosing the right roasting pan for your next Sunday roast can prove slightly more complicated than just finding one with adequate dimensions.

These tips should make choosing the perfect roasting pan easy:

What’s it made from? The material from which your pan is made can …

Caring for your knives

A good knife is a true investment, and the chef’s most important tool in the kitchen. Your quality knife, or set of knives, can serve you well for many years, providing you take the right steps to care for it.

The materials used to make your knife can affect the care it needs (read our guides on what knives are …

Using and caring for stainless steel cookware

Possibly the most popular of all cookware, stainless steel is a hard and durable metal made from chromium and nickel. It is safe to use on electric, gas and induction cooktops and, depending on the construction of the handle, can also be used in the oven.

To improve heat conductivity, the best stainless steel pans and pots are made with …

Caring for your copper cookware

Copper cookware is both beautiful to look at and versatile to cook with. It is admired by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its workability as well as its aesthetic qualities.

De Buyer cookware is just one of the brands of copper cookware The Essential Ingredient sells around Australia, both in stores and …

What are your knives made of?

Choosing a knife is a personal experience for a chef or cook.

Whether you already have a brand preference or not, knife selection often means interpreting a wide variety of differences.

We’ve already discussed choosing the right knife types, but what about materials?

Blades and handles are commonly made from a range or materials- so which is best for you?*


The …

The history of the whisk

Perfection of design never draws attention to itself. In the kitchen, as everywhere else, the simplest tools are often the most effective. Just think about how many uses your wooden spoon has.

The whisk, at its simplest, is merely a series of wire loops connected to a handle, and yet this tool serves many function and can be found in …

Muslin cloth and its many kitchen uses

Looking for food-grade muslin cloth? Visit one of our stores, or buy it online now!

It’s easy to fill your kitchen with tools, equipment and gadgets that serve a single purpose, pulled out occasionally to fulfil a very specific task for one (favourite) recipe and then popped back into the drawer until needed again.

Sometimes, however, you add something …