Caring for your copper cookware

Copper cookware is both beautiful to look at and versatile to cook with. It is admired by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its workability as well as its aesthetic qualities.

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Cooking with Copper

What are the advantages of copper cookware and why do many chefs prefer it?

Primarily, copper is an excellent conductor of heat. It responds very quickly to changes in temperature, giving cooks and chefs far greater control over the contents of the pan or pot. Unlike stainless steel, heat is very quickly transferred around copper.

Mini copper cookware collection

Copper cookware is popular among chefs for its extraordinary heat conductivity. The almost-instant response to temperature change gives tremendous control over cooking conditions, and the even distribution of heat produces reliable results.

For home cooks, copper cookware is not only a valuable tool, but an attractive feature of the kitchen.

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