Using and caring for stainless steel cookware

Possibly the most popular of all cookware, stainless steel is a hard and durable metal made from chromium and nickel. It is safe to use on electric, gas and induction cooktops and, depending on the construction of the handle, can also be used in the oven.

To improve heat conductivity, the best stainless steel pans and pots are made with …

Caring for your copper cookware

Copper cookware is both beautiful to look at and versatile to cook with. It is admired by professional chefs and home cooks alike for its workability as well as its aesthetic qualities.

De Buyer cookware is just one of the brands of copper cookware The Essential Ingredient sells around Australia, both in stores and …

Cooking with Copper

What are the advantages of copper cookware and why do many chefs prefer it?

Primarily, copper is an excellent conductor of heat. It responds very quickly to changes in temperature, giving cooks and chefs far greater control over the contents of the pan or pot. Unlike stainless steel, heat is very quickly transferred around copper.

Portuguese Cataplanas now available in Australia

A cataplana, like a tagine, refers to both a piece of cookware and the dish that it produces.

Used ostensibly in Portuguese cuisine and ideal for enhancing the flavours of seafood, the cataplana consists of two metal clam-shells that clamp together creating a tight seal. This creates a cooking environment in which ingredients combine and cook without losing the natural liquids through evaporation.

De Buyer Cookware

De Buyer, a name synonymous around the world with exceptionally well-made cookware, has been operating in Vosges, France, since 1830.

With an emphasis on flawless design and uncompromising quality, De Buyer cookware is beloved among professionals and home cooks alike.

The company, rewarded with a Living Heritage Company (EPV) listing by the French Government, combines a traditional approach to quality …

Caring for terracotta cookware

Terracotta roasting pans, casseroles and pots are synonymous with Mediterranean cooking, as well as being used extensively in traditional North African, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisines.

Terracotta cookware is available in glazed, partly glazed or unglazed, each affecting the appearance of the piece and certain aspects of its required care (see below).

Food cooked in terracotta requires minimal liquid and no additional fat, …

Silampos cookware

When it comes to selecting cookware, there is no compromise for quality.

That’s why The Essential Ingredient proudly stocks a wide selection of stainless steel Silampos pots, frying pans, baking trays, steamers, pressure cookers and more.

Founded in Portugal in 1951, Silampos has been an internationally-recognised brand for decades, consistently producing the highest quality steel cookware for professional and home kitchens …