Change the date to join Mr Carsisi

 Our dinner with chef Matt Fegan of Mr Carsisi has     had a date  change. 
Kyneton is now coming to Prahran on Monday September 12 when Matt will cook and serve a five-course dinner upstairs in our cooking school and talk you through the layered cuisine of the Ottoman Empire.

Join Matt for the degustation menu that draws on …

The Roasting Class

For many Australians, it’s almost a rite of passage to experience a good roast dinner – lamb, pork, chicken, beef – with crunchy potatoes, loads of veg and gravy. We create a routine around how we cook a roast but what if you could make it even better? Small details can make a big difference, add a herb you haven’t used before, change your timing slightly with delicious results….

Melbourne cooking classes at The Essential Ingredient Prahran

Looking for a cooking class in Melbourne presented in a professional environment by a highly regarded culinary identity?

The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Prahran presents dozens of classes every year, covering a wide variety of culinary styles, techniques, ingredients and cuisines.

When it comes to cooking classes, we believe knowledge and confidence are important ingredients in the kitchen. …

The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Melbourne

The Essential Ingredient Prahran is proudly home to one of Melbourne’s premiere cooking schools, home to dozens of classes every year.

The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Prahran has held almost 800 classes since its foundation in 1998 presents, covering an endless variety of culinary styles, techniques, ingredients and cuisines.

Our Melbourne cooking school hosts classes presented by highly regarded …

Recipe: Matt McConnell’s Portuguese Mussel Cataplana

The name of this dish comes from the unique copper pan in which it is cooked.

Available on every street corner in Portugal, the pan features two copper bowls connected by a hinge and a clasp.

The cataplana is filled with ingredients, closed and heated over a stove. It is then opened at the table, releasing a cloud of steam and the incredible aromas of the finished dish.

Recipe: David Dunn’s Chinese Red Mandarin Glazed Duck

This magnificently rich duck dish is perfect for your next dinner party. Striking, colourful and memorable, the duck is already cooked and the glaze can be prepared the day before, so you don’t need to spend the whole night in the kitchen.

And once you’ve tasted the flavour combinations on this plate, you’ll add David Dunn’s glazed duck to your regular …

Recipe: Kingfish sashimi with Asian-style dressing


Yosuke Furukawa & Dallas Cuddy’s Kingfish Sashimi with Asian-Style Dressing

Dallas Cuddy’s menu at Verge reflects his love of Japanese food, as does that of chef Yosuke Furukawa from Izakaya Den. Like all Izakaya dishes, this exquisite sashimi is best enjoyed with a drink or as a simple starter for an elaborate dinner.

Yosuke and Dallas’ ‘Izakaya Offerings’ class at …