Italian cooking classes for winter

Escape to Europe with an Italian cooking class this winter at the Essential Ingredient Newcastle.

Recipe: Crostata di Ricotta e Pere Coscia by Emiko Davies

This recipe by Emiko Davies was presented in our first cooking class for 2017 and comes from her latest book, Acquacotta.
Ricotta crostata is loved throughout Maremma and in summertime you find baby pears (pere coscia) in all the local markets.  This simple tart is not overly sweet and will be an instant favourite.

Makes one tart – serves 8


1rcpe                     Sweet …

Melbourne cooking classes at The Essential Ingredient Prahran

Looking for a cooking class in Melbourne presented in a professional environment by a highly regarded culinary identity?

The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Prahran presents dozens of classes every year, covering a wide variety of culinary styles, techniques, ingredients and cuisines.

When it comes to cooking classes, we believe knowledge and confidence are important ingredients in the kitchen. …

Rozelle store Food Photography class

Participants in The Essential Ingredient Rozelle Cooking School’s recent Food Photography class were given an invaluable insight into the tricks and techniques used by professionals to get food looking its best on film.

Led by Food Photographer Ray Jarratt, the class proved so popular that another class has been scheduled.

If you have a food blog this class is a must. …