Baking Starts Now: Glace Fruit

Glace – or crystallised fruit – is such a delightful, delicious and pretty addition to Christmas baking. The fruit adds colour, chewy, soft texture and an intense sweetness that can be spread throughout whatever it is that you’re creating.



Glace fruit is made when fresh fruit – either whole, cut into small pieces, pices of rind or peel – are popped into …

Francois Doucet confectionary

Surrounded by the beauty of the Provincial countryside, a family of fruit growers and artisan confectionary makers in the south of France combine their talents to produce a spectacular range of confectionary treats.

For the chocolate range, local fruits and nuts are enrobed in gianduja (a rich combination of chocolate and hazelnut paste) and praline, then finished in gorgeously coloured chocolate candy.

Beautifully packaged, …

Essential Ingredient Gift Boxes: the gift of inspiration

At The Essential Ingredient, we know the right ingredients and cookware can transport someone on a culinary journey in their own kitchen.

Like all good trips, these culinary journeys need to be shared.

Give a gift that inspires this Christmas with a gift box from The Essential Ingredient, packed full of culinary promise.

Visit your closest The Essential Ingredient store and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about creating a unique, personalised …

DreiMeister German Christmas chocolates

Christmas is a time for sharing, but it’s also a time to pause and appreciate the wonderful things life has to offer.

That’s why, this Christmas, we’re once again bringing you DreiMeister’s irresistible festive chocolate, perfect for impressing your guests at any Christmas celebration.

At The Essential Ingredient, we search the world for expert food producers who use only the best materials and …

Le Petit Saunier salted caramels

There’s something about biting into a delicate caramel that goes beyond taste. Somehow, these sweet treats evoke childhood memories of long drives with the family and visits to distant relatives, and each bite brings a spark of joy.

In France, one name is synonymous with quality salted caramels; ‘La Maison D’Armorine’.

Founded in 1946, The House of Armorine …

RECIPE: Apple glazed Christmas ham

A glazed ham is the centrepiece for many a Christmas table, and for good reason.

The shimmering surface, often punctuated with studded cloves, is carved through to reveal the juicy, pink pork below, perfect served alongside both hot or cold spreads.

The perfect glaze is sweet and fruity; rich without overpowering the flavour of the meat. The flavours permeate the ham while …

Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria- the sweet figs of Calabria

To anyone fortunate enough to have tasted a fig grown on the small hills of Calabria, Italy, the taste of the deliciously sweet and juicy fruit will always bring back a flood of memories.

No wonder then that Dolci Pensieri Di Calabria, the name of the company specializing in creating sweet delights using these figs, translates to ‘sweet thoughts of Calabria’.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to exclusively import a selection of …