Say Cheese Festival at Prahran Market

The Say Cheese Festival is on tomorrow at Prahran Market from 10am and, of course, we will be saying cheese along with a roll call of some great chefs, cooks, cheesemakers and cheesemongers who will be holding cheese cooking demonstrations and exhibiting their cheeses while guiding all the cheese lovers through the joys of choosing, storing and eating quality cheese.

Be sure …

Muslin cloth and its many kitchen uses

Looking for food-grade muslin cloth? Visit one of our stores, or buy it online now!

It’s easy to fill your kitchen with tools, equipment and gadgets that serve a single purpose, pulled out occasionally to fulfil a very specific task for one (favourite) recipe and then popped back into the drawer until needed again.

Sometimes, however, you add something …

Recipe: Baked brie with truffle honey

Most of us like to serve a little food when company drops around, but finding something interesting (and delicious) that doesn’t take hours of preparation and that doesn’t come straight out of a packet can be difficult.

This simple idea, using only a few simple ingredients, is both easy to throw together and certain to impress.

Baked Brie with Truffle Honey

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Making your own jam, sausages, ice cream, cheese and more

We lead busy lives. Between work, family and other commitments, having the time and inclination to cook can often suffer.

It’s no surprise, then, that the availability and range of ready-made, instant, pre-packaged food has steadily increased over the decades.

Convenient as it may be, there is a growing resistance against this trend. Increasingly, home chefs and food lovers are rediscovering the joys of ‘creating from scratch’ over buying from the supermarket.

Epicure …

The Essential Ingredient Canberra’s specialty cheese selection

Among the shelves and displays of professional cooking equipment, fantastic local and international ingredients and the finest selection of specialty culinary books, The Essential Ingredient Canberra store holds something truly special.

A huge range of specialty cheeses, sourced from Australia and abroad, are available from The Essential Ingredient Canberra, perfect for an impressive party spread, a …