Type “00” flour: for perfect bread & pasta

Nothing beats home-made. Serving your own bread or pasta will always elicit heartier gasps at the table than something you’ve bought.

And yet, for all the love and care you’ve put into your own Italian masterpieces, often the texture and consistency of your bread and pasta isn’t quite what your local Italian bakery or pasta restaurant manages to create.

The secret? …

How to make a pre-ferment (video)

As we strive to produce food at lower costs and with greater simplicity, a few classic kitchen techniques are beginning, sadly, to fall out of favour.

When baking bread, most contemporary recipes recommend the direct addition of yeast to the dough. As most artisan bakers will tell you however, this prevents much of the complexity of flavour yeast can bring from forming, and often leaves an overpowering ‘yeasty’ smell and taste.

By …

What is German cuisine?

Understand a country’s cuisine, and you will understand their history, their geography, their landscape and their diversity. The food held dear by a nation reflects who they are, proving that when it comes to national pride, you are what you eat.

In this way, it’s easy to dismiss German cuisine as a simple combination of meat and potatoes. But, of course, there is so much more to the German people and …