How to cook the perfect steak (video)

Whether on the barbeque or on a frying pan, cooking a quality steak to perfection takes skill.

How much should you season it? Does it require oil? How long does it need to rest after cooking?

In this exclusive video, Ben O’Donoghue, chef and author of Ben’s Barbeque and At Home With Ben, shares his tips and tricks for cooking the perfect steak.


Ben started his career working in a number …

Staying fresh in Summer

Summer is the most iconic of Australia’s seasons. Barbeques, picnics, beach outings, cricket; many of the most beloved aspects of Australian life are reserved for the warm Summer months.

Our plates and palates also come alive in Summer, with the season arguably supplying the most colourful and delicious selection of fresh produce of the year.

Cherries are celebrated and ubiquitous, while berries …

The Winter Barbeque

In Australia, we associate the barbeque with summer. Friends standing around, beer or chardonnay in hand, as a selection of meat and vegetables are licked by the flames from beneath the iron grill.

But the colder months can be just as perfect for firing up the barbeque.

It may not be conducive to standing around outside with a cold drink, but cooking …