The Essential Ingredient verjuice

Unlike vinegar, which is created through a fermentation and aging process, verjuice is the fruity and delicately acidic juice of un-ripened grapes.

The subtlety of both verjuice’s flavour and acidity makes it a wonderful substitute for vinegar or citrus juice, particularly in dishes with subtle and complex flavour profiles.

Verjuice is perfect for deglazing a pan and creating a sauce. Use …

The Essential Ingredient Barrel-Aged Red Wine Vinegar

The Essential Ingredient Barrel-Aged Red Wine Vinegar is made using traditional processes from the juice of high quality Australian Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Aged in American Hogs Head wine barrels for two years, this red wine vinegar epitomises the ‘classic style’, with a complex flavour profile that adds more than a simple touch of acidity to your cooking.

Our red …

Australian Native Ingredients

Australian chefs have been exploring this country’s native bush foods for decades, while indigenous Australians have been aware of their many wonderful flavours and properties for over 40,000 years.

Incorporating fruits and flowers from Australia’s lush rainforests, herbs from the verdant woodlands and fruits and seeds from our expansive deserts, these foods are often highly nutritious and can be used in …

Australian products at The Essential Ingredient

At The Essential Ingredient, we know how lucky we are to live in Australia. While, as Australians, we may not boast a clearly defined national cuisine, we are endlessly fortunate to have such broad access to the dishes, techniques and ingredients of so many varied cultures.

We are certainly proud to stock some of the finest ingredients and …

New Australian Standards for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While it has long been a popular ingredient in many Australian kitchens, the awareness of quality extra virgin olive oil and its many uses has boomed in the past decade.

Home kitchens and restaurants alike use the oil to dress salads, dunk bread, grill fish, toss through warm pasta and much, much more.

As a testament to this increased popularity, the availability …

What is the true Australian cuisine?

A nation’s cuisine can be one of its strongest defining attributes. It’s almost impossible to think about France without conjuring images of decadent pastries, or the United States without its towering burgers.

But what exactly is Australia’s national cuisine, and what does this cuisine (or lack thereof, depending on your view) say about us?

We recently asked our Twitter followers …