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Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.

This famous quote is from writer Harriet Van Horne and it began her article Not for Jiffy Cooks in Vogue magazine in 1956. In the article Van Horne spoke of the beauty of quality ingredients and taking time to cook rather than using “premixed, prewhipped, pre-stewed foods that crowd the grocer’s shelf,” as she put it.

This approach also goes for our Christmas gift boxes and for those who receive them. Sharing the joy of cooking and eating well, of quality ingredients and time together is love. It’s nurturing, joyful and pure happiness. And, this Christmas, Zoi – our cooking school manager – has collaborated with TEI teams at both our Melbourne stores, to create some stunning gift boxes filled with flavours, products, ingredients and treats from some of the best producers around the world. Here’s our gift boxes, available at Prahran and South Melbourne.

Share the love of food with those you love and Merry Christmas.




Kitchen Basics Gift Box $69 

Know someone moving home, renovating a kitchen or who just need a top up of beautiful basics?

This is the perfect gift for them.








Well Seasoned   $69

We have so many special salts available in store and the Himalayan salt bricks are particularly striking to serve when entertaining. This gift box is perfect for those people in your life with a love of all things  savour






Roasting Gift Box  $59 

Cooking and serving roast dinners is such a nurturing act of love.

This gift box is filled with delicious condiments and equipment to bring the best out of any roast meat or vegetable dish.







La Paella $115

Paella is a generous dish, you can’t make an individual portion, it’s made for groups. For the person who loves to have people over for dinner en masse and have a busy house with great food and wine. Consider the La Paella gift box.








Risotto  $49

Risotto is one of the most calming dishes to make after a busy day. Slowly adding warmed stock to stubby rice grains that absorb everything they’re stirred with, and then serving it with a green salad and crusty bread. Here’s a gift box for your risotto lover.





Sweet Something  $150 

This selection is designed with the discerning sweet tooth in mind. Quality products with just the right amount of sweetness…








Kitchen Garden  $139

We’re so excited to introduce beautiful gardening equipment to The Essential Ingredient!

A kitchen garden is almost as essential as a good knife and we have so much in the way of equipment, tools and tips for the gardener in your life, starting with this gift box.








Fabulous Chocolate Cake  $109 

Chocolate cake? Yes to all chocolate cake and to those we know who make them.

Here’s a pic of our Fabulous Chocolate cake gift box about to be wrapped and we bet you already know someone who would get a kick out of these quality cake (and chocolate) ingredients.








Picnic $79

Sunshine and picnics, and while we can’t control the weather this gift box will certainly encourage picnics outside (or in).







Kitchen Essentials $190

For the passionate and uncompromising cook in your life. This gift box is a feast of honeys and mustard, pasta and oil, premium vinegars and mayonnaise.

This well-considered selection will suit the most hands-on and enthusiastic cook.









Essential Extravagance     $345

This gift box is a show stopper. A carefully hand-picked selection the finest products we carry at The Essential Ingredient.

Our team have ensured that this gift is the ultimate extravagant gift, for the very special foodie in your life.






For a full  list of  Gift Boxes we have available CLICK here.

Visit our website to hear to find out more about all our beautiful products at The Essential Ingredient. 

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