Slow down for autumn

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Casseroles come into their own as the weather cools.

Summer has faded and at last it’s time to pull out the stockpots and casserole dishes from the back of the pantry.

There’s no doubt the Australian summer has many delights, from luscious tropical fruits and barbecues to colourful salads and fresh drinks, but when autumn rolls around, the change of seasons brings so many opportunities in the kitchen, it’s hard to know where to start.

In high summer, the very idea of turning on the oven is off-putting. Meals are fast and fresh – it’s spur of the moment cooking and eating, hastily thrown together and quickly consumed.

Things slow down in autumn, and the cooler weather invites proper planning. Autumn is a wonderful time to pull out recipe books and quietly contemplate meals you want to cook.

The ingredients themselves want you to drop back a gear. Potatoes and root veggies will keep happily as you decide what to make. Pulses, legumes and beans will wait patiently for weeks until you are ready for them. And even then, they demand your forethought; soaking overnight or simmering for up to an hour. But in return, these foods can be “set and forget”. You might need to plan ahead, but the preparation is generally super simple. Ten minutes of work will reward you with rich results, hours later.

This is when roasts and casseroles beg to be made, when stews and pies and hearty risottos come into their own. Appetites grow as the weather cools, and comfort food enjoyed indoors is what you want.

The Essential Ingredient Newcastle has a huge range of autumnal ingredients for your pantry. Come and pick up some old favourites, or try something you haven’t worked with before.

Our range of dried mushrooms includes porcini, morels, shitake, yellow chanterelles, bolet jaune, trompette des maures and garniture forestiere. Our rices include jasmine, bomba, Calesparra paella rice, Camargue organic red rice, black glutinous rice and black wild rice as well as Riso Carnaroli and Riso Vialone Nano

We have farro, different coloured quinoa, spelt, buckwheat, chia, amaranth, pearl barley, fine green lentils, black lentils, green de puy style lentils, green flageolet beans, black barley,  polenta and pearl cous cous.

Whether you’re creating a slow braise, a risotto, baking a pie or casserole, use the best quality ingredients and reliable cookware you can afford.

For ingredients, cookware, advice and inspiration, The Essential Ingredient Newcastle is your autumn food destination. Find us at the Junction Fair, or online.

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