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For lovers of seafood, squid ink is a magical ingredient.

Its flavour is reminiscent of the sea, though not overly ‘fishy’, so it accentuates the taste of your chosen seafood without overpowering it.

Clams, mussels, firm fish, octopus, crab and, of course, squid are all wonderful partners with squid ink, particularly in rice or pasta-based dishes.

While many prize the flavour, squid ink’s most remarkable property is its colour. A little of the thick, black liquid goes a long way, imparting a dark, glossy sheen that covers every grain of rice or strand of spaghetti.

This combination of subtle flavour and powerful colour makes squid ink a wonderful addition to homemade pasta; simply add a sachet to your pasta dough prior to the resting stage.

The black pasta will not lose its colour when cooked, and can be accentuated further by incorporating squid ink into the sauce.

Risotto Nero (recipe) is another traditional application, and a staple of Venetian cuisine. Squid ink is added to the pot in the early stages of the risotto, which is then served with calamari or cuttlefish.

Once you start working with squid ink, you’re sure to find many other culinary applications. Recipes available include squid ink bread, squid ink mayonnaise (excellent for dipping deep-fried squid), squid ink herbed butter, squid ink paella (a Neil Perry favourite) and more.

Despite its rich colour, squid ink won’t stain your hands or bench-tops- simply clean with soap and water.

The Essential Ingredient stocks quality squid ink sourced from traditional suppliers in Spain. The 4g sachets (available in pairs) are the perfect size for a meal, ensuring less waste and a longer shelf-life. It also makes them easier to use, with no need for measuring spoons.

If you’re looking to buy squid ink in Australia for use in risotto, homemade pasta and more, visit The Essential Ingredient today.

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