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DukkahIn our international culinary landscape, it is surprising that Middle Eastern food hasn’t become more of a sensation. After all, it’s richly flavourful, simple to cook and wonderful to share; all qualities Australians love in their food.

Fortunately, one man has been on a mission to bring Middle Eastern food into our kitchens and dining rooms, and after just one taste, you’ll understand why.

Greg Malouf, of Lebanese ancestry himself, has worked in the kitchens of France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong, during which he was formulating the ‘Modern Middle Eastern’ style for which he’s now known.

While diners still flock to his revolutionary restaurant ‘Mo Mo’ to experience the contemporary reinterpretation of classic Middle Eastern cuisine, Greg Malouf wants to spread the message further.

That’s why he’s combined his love of Middle Eastern food and his passion for seeing it embraced more broadly into ‘Malouf’s Spice Mezza’, a range of incredible spice mixes and ingredients that capture the flavours and aromas of the region, and bring them into your kitchen.

golden ras el hanout

The perfect introduction to the range, ‘Golden Ras El Hanout’ (loosely translated to ‘house blend’) combines ingredients such as turmeric, chilli powder, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and ground ginger. As a seasoning, it works with almost everything- on pork, poultry, seafood or vegetables, in soups, tagines, pastas or risottos, or mixed into flour for dusting.

Or, for a variation, try the classic Ras El Hanout, a traditional North African mix containing sweet paprika, cinnamon, coriander, turmeric, cayenne, cumin, allspice and more. There’s no need to learn a new recipe, just add it to one of your existing favourites.

jord zartar

Capturing Greg’s Lebanese heritage, Za’atar brings together wild thyme, sesame seed, cracked wheat, sumac, spearmint and, of course, dry-roasted cumin seeds into a seasoning that will reinvent your barbeque (or roasts, or eggs, or vegetables).


Baharat, the Turkish spice blend, adds some sweetness to the range, with black pepper, cumin and coriander seeds combined with aromatic cinnamon, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and cassia bark. Add it to soup, tomato dishes, barbequed seafood or any slow-cooked treat and you’ll never go without it again.


Dukkah has grown in popularity in Australia, both as a delicious accompaniment to bread before a meal, and as a seasoning on meat, eggs, salads and vegetables. Greg Malouf’s Classic Egyptian Dukkah is fragrant, crunchy and delicious, and made in the traditional way with roasted hazelnuts, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and more.


Middle Eastern food wouldn’t be the same without preserved lemons, and the Malouf’s Spice Mezza range offers two unique variations on this theme, each with a distinctive and inspired twist. Preserved Lemons with Honey still carry the spice and sourness of the lemon, but with the rounded sweetness of honey. These lemons are wonderful in braises, dressings, tagines or in mayonnaise and hollandaise.

The Essential Ingredient is proud to be a featured stockist of the entire Malouf’s Spice Mezza range. Visit your nearest store now and speak to one of our food-loving staff members about the range and its many uses.

You can also find the Spice Mezza range in our Online Store.

Bring the flavours of the Middle East and the genius of one of Australia’s favourite chefs into your kitchen today.

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