La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera: The authentic Spanish paprika

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paprikaIf meat is the body of your dish, then spices are the personality. Some give sweetness, a few are sour and others give your dish attitude. Paprika, the popular Spanish and Eastern European spice, brings mystery, warmth and that rich, unmistakable colour.

Pimentón, or paprika, was first produced in Spain where dried peppers were ground down, the differing combinations of fruit types producing the assorted paprika variants (sweet, hot, etc.).

The resulting spice, still one of the most highly treasured in Spain, as well as in Eastern Europe, brings smokiness, warmth and that rich, unmistakable colour to any recipe in which it used.

La Dalia is a name synonymous with quality Spanish pimentón, the La Vera-based company still favouring traditional methods of production over more industrialised techniques. Their ethos, honouring the land, its people and their traditions, has ensured their range of paprika maintains all the complex characteristics that have made authentic Spanish paprika so beloved over the centuries.

In 2013, La Dalia will celebrate its 100 year anniversary, demonstrating the remarkable endurance of a company that values traditional methods and unparalleled quality. Under the ‘Protected Denomination of Origin’ scheme in Europe, La Dalia is one of very few producers that are still entitled to officially refer to themselves as ‘Pimentón de La Vera’ (paprika of La Vera).

The smokiness for which authentic La Dalia paprika is treasured is imparted into the spice by drying the capsicum and chilli fruits over smoking oak before grinding. Paprika products prepared in this way are marked as ‘smoked’, and are available in sweet, mild and hot variations.

Paprika is a popular inclusion in dishes as diverse as a traditional Hungarian goulash and a modern American turkey stuffing. It is a favourite sprinkled on eggs, a perfect match for chick peas and a rich source of flavour in BBQ meat rubs and marinades.

Most iconic, however, is the spice’s presence in Spanish dishes such as paella, and in Spanish produce such as chorizo sausages, the paprika responsible for the smokey flavour and unmistakable red colour that escapes the sausage when sliced and fried.

As well as adding flavour and heat to a dish, paprika is an excellent source of concentrated vitamin c.

Using good quality paprika imparts far more than simple colour, smokiness and heat into your dish, which is why The Essential Ingredient is proud to stock the La Dalia paprika range.

Available in hot smoked and sweet smoked, and in a range of sizes, this Spanish paprika is not only a perfect match for any Spanish recipe, you’ll quickly discover ways of introducing La Dalia Pimentón de la Vera into countless other dishes.

Whether it’s providing authenticity to your paella or bringing your next gravy to life, contact your nearest The Essential Ingredient store today and experience the difference authentic Spanish paprika can make.

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