Graupera ceramic cookware

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Chipotle-beef-300Food connects us to the planet we live on, and while innovations in technology help stretch the idea of what’s possible in the kitchen, it’s also vital that we not lose sight of that connection to the Earth.

Graupera, producers of traditional ceramic cookware in Spain for over 60 years, understands this connection. Graupera products are created using the three elements of nature: earth, water and fire.

Spanish clay soil and water are combined, as they have been for centuries, the terracotta then baked at extremely high temperatures.

These ceramic works of art are then treated with a glaze that protects the cookware from exposure to fire, freezer and dishwasher. They can be used on gas stoves, electric stoves, gas ovens and microwave ovens.

Products range from casserole dishes (available both in large sizes and in smaller variants- perfect for individual servings) to tagines, flambee dishes to flat ceramic frying pans.

Ceramic cookware holds and distributes heat, perfect for casseroles, stews, curries, ragouts, slow-roasts (such as pork shoulder and lamb shank), compotes, soups and many, many other dishes.

With their elegant forms and striking natural colours, you can take your Graupera cookware straight from the kitchen to the table, embracing the traditional communal-style dining this ceramic cookware is known for.

There’s nothing like lifting the lid of a tagine at the table to reveal the Moroccan lamb that’s been simmering gently in your kitchen for three hours.

As with any specialty cookware, it’s important to take care of your ceramic cookware. To protect the terracotta during long, slow cooks, we recommend soaking the product in water for 6 hours before use. Find more care instructions here.

Whether you’re capturing the spices of the Middle East, exploring the flavours of the Mediterranean or creating your own contemporary slow-cooked masterpiece, Graupera terracotta cookware will turn your culinary creation into a work of art.

Graupera cookware is imported from Spain by The Essential Ingredient. For more information, cooking suggestions or to check availability, contact your nearest store or buy online now!

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