The Essential Skills Masterclass

Event Location
731-735 Darling Street Rozelle, NSW 2039
Phone: (02) 9555 8300

Presenter: Felix Halter
Date: 08/10/2015 - 22/10/2015
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: The Essential Ingredient Cooking School Rozelle
Price: $0.00
Format: Cooking Fundamentals Hands-on

Over three Thursday evenings you will learn essential cooking skills that will turn you from a great home cook into a skilled home chef. This class combines traditional methods with modern twists, providing you with a framework of fundamental skills that will lift your culinary competence to the next level.

Week 1 – Stocks, Broths and Sauces | Thursday 8 October

Learn how to prepare a real stock, make the perfect bouillon, how to clear a consommé and everything you need to know about sauces:

– Stocks/broths: Beef bouillon, consommé, veal demi-glace, white veal fond, chicken, vegetable and fish stock
– Sauces: Béchamel, tomato sauce, hollandaise, béarnaise, aioli, mayonnaise, red wine jus, pepper sauce, mushroom cream sauce, café de Paris
– Marinades: Oil based, mustards and more

Week 2 – Grilled, Poached or Braised | Thursday 15 October

In this class you will gain a broad knowledge about the impact of temperature on protein:

– Eggs: 62 degrees, fried, scrambled and the perfect omelette
– Sous vide cooking of chicken with ginger and chilli and salmon with vanilla
– Braising the ultimate osso bucco and lamb shanks
– Poach chicken and fish

Week 3 – Cakes, Custards and Creams | Thursday 22 October

You will learn everything you need to know to make the perfect dessert:

– Orange and cardamom cream brûlée
– Classic cream caramel
– The ultimate carrot cake
– Passionfruit soufflé
– Chocolate and vanilla poached pear Swiss roll
– Cream anglaise
– Cream patisserie
– Wattle seed panna cotta

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