Le Petit Saunier salted caramels

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Petit Saunier 003There’s something about biting into a delicate caramel that goes beyond taste. Somehow, these sweet treats evoke childhood memories of long drives with the family and visits to distant relatives, and each bite brings a spark of joy.

In France, one name is synonymous with quality salted caramels; ‘La Maison D’Armorine’.

Founded in 1946, The House of Armorine in Brittany is famed for its traditional salted caramels. And while the family recipe is a closely guarded secret, the magic ingredient isn’t.

The waters off the coast of Brittany, where the highly-salted local butter led to the genesis of salted caramels, are exceptionally clean, with a very high mineral concentration.

Breton salt farmers use a method of harvest that was first developed by the Celts more than 1,000 years ago, in which seawater is directed into a series of shallow, clay-lined ponds. Once the water evaporates, the farmers rake the salt into pyramids.

If conditions are perfect, a thin film develops atop the seawater in the ponds, resulting in the most highly-prized of salts: fleur de sel (literally “flower of salt”). Fleur de sel’s delicate, flaky crystals are considered the cream of the salt crop.

Le petit Saunier salted caramels are made using local salted butter, milk cream and, of course, the prized fleur de sel. They are renowned across France and are now, for the first time, available in Australia.

Le petit Saunier salted caramels come individually wrapped and are available exclusively from The Essential Ingredient in beautiful boxes and a decorative canister.

Visit your nearest The Essential Ingredient store today to discover these sweet French delights or buy online now for delivery to anywhere in Australia.

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