Recipe: Belgian waffles with candied bacon, grilled stonefruit and maple yoghurt

Maple syrup and sugar are sweet and smoky.

The caramel tones make them ideal for both sweet and savoury dishes.

Maple syrup is the boiled down sap of the maple tree and maple sugar is made by reducing the sap to the point beyond which it becomes syrup.

Make a savoury rub using maple sugar, salt, sweet smoked paprika and garlic …

Recipe: Kakadu Plum Cherry Ripe smoothie

Considered a gift of the Dreamtime, the Kakadu Plum is Australia’s star superfood performer.

With exceptional nutritional and antiseptic properties it has been an important food and medicine in Northern Australia for millennia.

The Kakadu Plum is the world’s highest natural source of Vitamin C with 100 times that of a mandarin.

Get your dose of Vitamin C first thing in the morning …

Recipe: Vongole e polenta

This recipe by Emiko Davies comes from her latest book, Acquacotta.

In Acquacotta, Davies has compiled and adapted her Italian family’s best loved recipes from Capalbio, Monte Argentario, Giglio Island and inland to the hot springs of Saturnia and the ancient Pitigliano. She guides readers through the use of local ingredients, as well as sharing the history of rustic, storied dishes including …

Recipe: Jewelled Rice Stuffing

This ‘stuffing’ is loosely based around a Persian polow, a regal rice dish typically served at celebrations.

Laced with butter and saffron, this mix is fragrant and full of fruit and nuts.

This delicious Middle Eastern mix may be used as a stuffing for turkey, chicken, lamb or even fish and vegetables or simply served as a side dish.

Note: Pomegranate molasses may also be …

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Thanks to Hardie Grant we have 3 fantastic book sets worth $120 to give away: The Ultimate Cook’s Manual AND Patisserie.

The Ultimate Cook’s Manual (published November 2016) gives readers all the technical know-how required to become an expert in the art of cooking.

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Recipe: Festive Grissini

Grissini make great finger food and are fantastic for entertaining.

Topped with Aleppo pepper, wattleseed and black pepper, these speckled sticks are packed full of flavour, wonderfully aromatic and absolutely beautiful.

Aleppo Pepper is one of our favourite ingredients. It adds dramatic colour, aromatic zing and wild smoky heat to anything it is served with.

These grissini can be served as is or wrapped …

Recipe: Cherry and Chocolate Pavlova

Christmas in Australia means pavlova!

The perfect pud, it can be made ahead and simply assembled just before serving.

This fluffy version is topped with cherries (dipped and plain) and shards of white chocolate.

Silver leaf can be used to make this sensational centrepiece stand out from the crowd.

Any fruit can be used to top your pavlova: we’ve used chocolate dipped cherries because …