Le Vinaigre de Banyuls

A good vinegar calls firstly for a great wine.

Banyuls vinegar, from the charming French seaside town of Banyuls-Sur-Mer, comes from one of the world’s finest wines resulting in one of the world’s finest vinegars.

The vinegar is aged for four years in oak barrels, exposed to the sun and rain, then finished in smaller oak barrels …

Rise to the Occasion with these Chocolate Souffles

With the perfect copper pan, the best chocolate and all the inspiration you need, The Essential Ingredient has everything to make special occasions even more special.

Try serving these stunning chocolate souffles in our The Essential Ingredient Mini Copper Pans for a memorable conclusion to your next feast with friends.

Recipe: Gary Mehigan’s Dark …

Deep South by Brad McDonald

Brad McDonald was born in Mississippi and is now executive chef of The Lockhart and Shotgun in London.

For Brad, the story of American cooking and American food culture today began back in south.

Brad’s book, Deep South, delivers his modern take on Southern cooking.

There are recipes for pickles and Southern style cheese straws, dirty rice with smoked oysters and roasted …

Recipe: Chicken Tagine

Thinking about Moroccan food conjures up thoughts of spicy, slow-cooked meat dishes cooked in a magical pot: a tagine.

The conical shaped lid helps preserve moisture in the food as the steam rises, condenses on the inside of the lid and then drips back down into the stew.

Tagines can be made from almost anything– lamb and chicken are very popular, but vegetables, …

Recipe: Smokin’ Popcorn

At The Essential Ingredient we love La Dalia paprika- hot, sweet and bittersweet.

La Dalia have been making paprika for over 100 years. They really know what they are doing.

Smoky, fiery or fruity, La Dalia paprika is a weapon for any culinary arsenal.

It adds rich depth of flavour to everything from marinades and stews to salads and batters.

We have …

Colusari Red Rice

Colusari™ Red Rice is grown in the Sacramento Valley, California, from rescued heirloom seeds that were held in the Maryland seed bank.

It is a firm, medium wholegrain rice with a deep red husk.

It has a nutty flavour and a reddish-burgundy colour which remains when cooked.

Colusari Red Rice is a great source of fibre, B vitamins, calcium, zinc and iron, manganese, selenium, …

Recipe: Quinoa Crackers

Quinoa is one of Peru’s staple foods and one of its best-known exports. It is as healthy as it is versatile and is an elemental part of the diet of Peruvians.

Chef Virgilio Martinez from Central, Lima (#1 restaurant in Latin America, #4 in the world) and Lima, London (London’s only Michelin starred Peruvian restaurant) serves his with kohlrabi, pearl onions and …