The Kitchen Gadget Arsenal

Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget? Nobody. It doesn’t matter what kind of cook you are; an old school stickler, an inventor, a crazy creative, or someone vastly more practical we all have some form of kitchen gadget in our arsenal. You need them – there are drawers designed for them!

But there are gadgets that are well, let’s say, less necessary …

Escargot; a French icon

Few ingredients are as iconically ‘French’ as escargot. Simply the French translation of ‘snails’, escargot has been considered a culinary luxury in Western Europe since the days of the Roman Empire.

Traditionally, French snails are served with herbed garlic butter and eaten from decorative shells, though there are many other delicious iterations. Perhaps the most famous contemporary dish featuring snails …

Buy Bamix stick mixers in Australia

Bamix is a name that has long been synonymous with quality.

While many other hand blenders have appeared (and disappeared) from the market, the Bamix has been a kitchen fixture for generations.

Created in Switzerland in 1954- the first of its kind- it was named ‘Bamix’ as an abbreviation of ‘battre et mixer’, French for ‘beat and mix’.

By …

Knife sharpening services

Your knife is your most important tool in the kitchen. You’ve chosen it carefully, investing in the highest quality blade you can afford to get the best, safest and most consistent results.

But over time, with the many tasks a chef’s knife is called on to perform and no matter how well you care for …

Welcome to the *new* Essential Ingredient Newcastle

The new Essential Ingredient Newcastle store is now open, with many times more space than the former store and filled with a host of exciting new features.

It has been more than 5 years since The Essential Ingredient began looking after the culinary needs of the region’s aspiring home cooks, as well as some of  the best …