Happy New Year

2016 has been an exciting year of new store openings in Newcastle and South Melbourne and many new products, like our exceptional Kitchen Garden Tool range, hand crafted for use in the cook’s garden.

Ensuring that each of our stores has an abundance of cook’s essentials along with knowledgeable staff to inspire better cooking …

Quinces: cooking tips and serving suggestions

The birthplace of the quince is thought to be the Fertile Crescent: the cradle of civilisation.

The fruit then spread to the Mediterranean where the Greeks and Romans embraced it, with its tart, distinctive flavour and heady aroma.

Quintessentially a part of autumn and early winter, quinces are inedible raw but the rock hard, pale, astringent flesh becomes burnished and rosy when cooked.

The …

Merry Christmas from The Essential Ingredient

Although we have seen many changes over the years to our exciting range of food and cookware, some things never change. Our core belief remains unaltered; that each of our stores has an abundance of cook’s essentials, helping our knowledgeable staff to inspire better cooking.

We know our customers will visit our exciting website and also may purchase some of their day-to-day …